2013: A Year of Challenge, Beauty & Gratitude

2013 has been a challenging, rewarding, and beautiful year. It has seen me:

- explore Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Iceland, Spain, Canada and Japan;

- launch my own hosted / produced / edited weekly travel series How Two Travelers, which has over 100,000 subscribers and fans across social media;

- receive my first EMMY nomination, for shooting PBS series Rocky Mountain Experience;

- produce A&E’s Storage Wars New York, and an as-yet-unannounced new survivalist show for Weather Channel;

- get ambushed by Heineken in its viral “Departure Roulette” campaign, dropping everything to travel to an unknown destination;

- host and produce promo videos for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and American Airlines;

- act as “Travel Guru” for travel search engine Expedia’s online video “Hangouts”;

- act as on-camera host / explorer for NowThis! News, Yahoo!Finance, & Vagabondish;

- win Best Television Pilot at Nevada International Film Festival for producing PBS show Rocky Mountain Experience; and,

- return to Miami University as one of its top 18 alumni from the past 9 years.

(Exploring the Highlands during Iceland’s endless summer)

It also saw me:

- reconnect with old friends;

- learn to dance Tango;

- try to be a morning person;

- say goodbye to my childhood home;

- scuba dive the continental divide between North America and Europe;

- get hit by an SUV during a morning run, then experience a difficult, but full recovery;

- lose family members;

- gain new ones;

- work with honeybees;

- surf with an Olympian; and,

- say “Yes!” to my fella on a stroll along a pier.


(A sign to lure you in….)

And finally, 2013 saw me:

Face opportunity, fear, loss, and love, and greet each one with all I am, and all I intend to be.

For all those reasons and countless more, 2013 has been a challenging, rewarding, and beautiful year.

And for all those reasons I am grateful.